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Nate Ferguson - Head Estimator

Years of Experience



Nate Ferguson, a seasoned veteran in estimating, brings a wealth of experience and ingenuity to his role at KDK Construction. Prior to joining our team, Nate played a pivotal role in propelling a tile subcontracting company to unprecedented growth as the overseer of all operations. His strategic vision and unwavering dedication not only tripled the company's volume but also solidified his skills as a master of estimation. Now, as our Head Estimator, Nate's impact reverberates throughout our organization, shaping the trajectory of our projects with his unparalleled expertise.

At KDK Construction, Nate Ferguson's role as the Head Estimator is a major part to our success. He leads a team of estimators with his keen attention to detail, honed through years of navigating the intricacies of subcontracting, ensuring that every bid is not only comprehensive but also competitive. Nate's intimate knowledge of finishes uniquely positions him to tackle projects of any scope with unparalleled precision. Moreover, Nate's genuine passion for collaborating with subcontractors fosters strong relationships that enable us to consistently deliver exceptional value to our clients.

In the fast-paced world of construction, Nate Ferguson is consistently reliable and excellent at his work. His ability to meticulously craft estimates that strike the perfect balance between quality and cost is a testament to his exceptional skill and dedication. Nate's efforts are a major contributor as to why KDK Construction continues to set the standard for accuracy, innovation, and client satisfaction in every bid we submit.

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